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About Us

Who We Are

We are an online art gallery designed to bring a local art show to the convenience of your computer. We have a personal relationship with all of our artists and feel that their unique visions should be seen by a larger audience. We feature over 45 artists, photographers and illustrators who are local and from around the world.  Many of our artists have won awards in their fields, some are well-known, and some are just waiting to become famous. Louis Leonard Art has a physical art gallery located in Rockville, MD, but our primary focus is to bring our artists into your home through the power of the internet. Some of our artist pages feature a video of the artist speaking about their work and the powers that motivate them. Our products are populated under a number of categories and themes so you can easily find the art of your desire.


Our Story

Louis Leonard Art is the brainchild of corporate magnate Lou Glickfield, the founder of Marlo Furniture. In business for over 60 years, Marlo is a household name on the East Coast of the United States, especially in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Lou simply believes in the power of art to enrich human lives. His passion for art, respect for human creativity and desire to improve lives have been displayed throughout all his endeavors as a business leader and philanthropist. Lou and his wife, Marilyn, have always enjoyed going to art shows, meeting and talking with artists in Maryland, Virginia, and now in Florida.  Having dedicated 60 years of his life to the retail industry, Louis Leonard Art is the entrepreneurial contribution he made at the age of 83 to the world of art and society.


What We Do

We bring the work of contemporary local artists to you. Once you find the art meant for you on our website, we are ready to make it yours. We produce gallery quality artist giclee prints on fine art premium canvas. All products are gallery-wrapped on internal wood framing and ready to hang out of the box.  We deliver them to your doorstep at a fraction of art show pricing.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality artwork more accessible to the people who share our passion for art.  We find great artists, we promote them, and we reproduce and market their artwork online, so the art continues to enrich human lives. Every artist on Louis Leonard Art is a partner in this endeavor and your purchase goes to support our artists.


Truthful Pricing? Louis Leonard Art vs. “The Other Guys”

Where do other art websites get their art? How do they price their art? Don’t worry, it is a mystery to us, too! Many make up fictional prices based on the profit they want to make off each piece. Sometimes they can do this because their art is mass-produced overseas, or is art that is so old there is no more copyright, no living artist to support. Here at Louis Leonard Art we know each and every one of our artists personally. Most travel to art shows and they have priced their work according to size and the effort that went in to creating the original. Our artists’ pricing reflects the true market value that they are able to sell their work for in person at an art show. As an online experiment, Louis Leonard Art has worked with our artists to reduce the cost of these prints by 30% – 70% off their art show pricing.  No other online marketplace offers verifiable pricing like Louis Leonard Art! You can trust the savings we offer.


If You Know These Artists, Can I Purchase Their Originals?

Absolutely. Our gallery offers these same works of art by the same artists featured here. However, the works have either been embellished, or are the artists’ originals. “Embellished” prints are created when an artist takes an ordinary print of their own work, and then paints over sections to bring the print alive. Embellishment is a unique offering and is seldom, found available to order online. Most of our artists apply so much paint while embellishing that the new work is an original in its own right, at a fraction of the cost. Each embellished piece is also numbered and signed by the artist. Please contact to inquire about our embellished art pieces!

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