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Purple Art

The color purple is known in many cultures and religions as a representation of divinity and royalty. This is why designers, artists and homeowners alike use purple pigments to decorate and spruce up a place or art piece. It is a color that has a lot of range, with its ability to express a wide variety of emotions that might either be positive or negative. Here at Louis Leonard Art, we have a vast collection of purple art that can be bought at the most competitive prices. 

Understanding Purple Art

Purple is a mixture of the colors red and blue. It is a pigment that can be used to convey a spectrum of different meanings. Historically, it has been used in art to represent regality and grandness, while darker shades of purple can be jarring to the human eye. Purple as a color is used by artists to act as a foil in their artwork and offers a general peace of mind that is endearing in nature. 

Popular Purple Art Pieces

These are some of the most popular purple art pieces in our collection: 

Why Get Purple Art from Louis Leonard Art?

Louis Leonard Art has a mission to exhibit the talents of our local artists in our online art gallery. From it you can choose from a vast collection of exciting artworks that can suit any setting. We are dedicated to exposing high quality art to people through our art gallery.

If you have any questions about our purple art, feel free to contact us today. You may also call Louis Leonard Art at 301-768-4579 or email us at

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