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A canvas art print is an image printed onto canvas through an inkjet printer. Once the artwork is successfully printed, the canvas gets stretched by hand onto a frame. Today, consumers can choose between framed canvas prints and options with a frameless border. At Louis Leonard Art, we employ the gallery-wrapping technique to create an unframed canvas print for our customers. If you are looking for more information about our canvas prints, how our business works, or art in general, feel free to browse through the resources on our website.

Art Glossary

Like any creative field, art has its own language. The terms that artists use, however, may seem opaque. Art terms are invaluable tools to have in one’s arsenal when thinking about art. That’s why Louis Leonard Art has prepared a handy glossary of art terms to make analyzing art less intimidating. In our art glossary, individuals can find recurrent terms found on our website as well as explanations on how they are employed in the theory and practice of art.


At Louis Leonard Art, our blog contains a wide variety of art related posts and articles, as well as the occasional contributions of guest bloggers. In addition to having experts contribute articles about the art field, we also encourage comments from visitors and blog readers alike. This way, we can have healthy and meaningful discussions pertaining to art. We strive to run an interesting and effective art blog that answers art-related questions, teach a reader with timely information on artistic subjects, and provide related news about art. You can expect our articles, posts, and videos to show how our artists’ works are created, demonstrate how artists conceptualize their subject matter, and much more.


Canvas art prints are an excellent way to enhance a home’s or office’s interior. At Louis Leonard Art, our canvas prints are assembled meticulously and feature intricate details, which result in a long-lasting and high-quality canvas. Our team often gets similar questions from visitors and customers regarding our canvas prints. That’s why we have set up a FAQ page to answer a list of the frequently asked questions. For example, we get a question like: What materials are used to make our canvas? The answer is: Most of our canvases are printed on a sheet of linen and cotton before being stretched by hand over a wooden frame. Read on to find out more today!

Gift Guide

Artwork can make an amazing gift as it shows effort, forethought, and adds a flair in the art of gift giving. From expressing your thanks to a congratulatory wedding gift to a baby shower, art is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Fortunately, there is no wrong way to give art-related gifts, only amazing possibilities. Just think about what makes your recipient special and you can choose a lasting gift that they are sure to love. In our gift guide, we will share some helpful tips about choosing art based on an individual’s favorite genre or artist; personal taste; how far he or she lives from you (choosing the ideal delivery method), and more.

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