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Looking for the perfect gift for a family member who just shifted into his new home? Or a mentor who just opened his new office? Sometimes, choosing the right item might be tricky. Rather than rushing through commonly found items in malls such as soap gift sets or flowers, why not consider something unique like a piece of art that they can admire in the comfort of their choice location?

It may seem like an uphill task to choose the right piece of art, but art is timeless, and we promise that you won’t regret making this decision. Here are some tips you might consider when selecting an art piece for gifting: 

Consider Your Recipient

Considering your recipient’s character and lifestyle would be helpful in making your decision. Think about something that they enjoy or like. If this person loves travelling, selecting an art piece relating to a destination that they have always wanted to visit or a photograph of a city they love would be a wonderful choice. A person who loves cooking might find pieces relating to food particularly inspiring, and a nature-lover would appreciate pieces such as a watercolor landscape as it is relaxing to look at. Nothing delights a person more than receiving an art piece relating to their passion.

Consider the Space

A painting measuring a few meters tall may appear extremely impressive, but it is more important to consider the space your recipient has. If he lives in a studio apartment, putting a large painting in his house may look unproportionate and unsophisticated. Selecting something that complements their home or office and preferably can be displayed in a variety of ways is recommended. Apart from being able to be hung on the wall, it would be better if the art can be put on a desk or bedside table as well so that your recipient would have the freedom to decide how he wants the piece to be displayed.

Consider Your Budget

Having a clear budget will help you locate the perfect gift much more easily and efficiently. Many online galleries can even help you narrow down your search with just the click of a mouse! Other factors to consider when deciding on your budget would include the medium of the art. An editioned print like a lithograph or photograph will definitely cost less than one-of-a-kind works such as sculptures or paintings.

Consider Personalization

A piece of art may be special but adding a personalized touch would make your gift much more special! Spending time to research on artists and their works would help a lot in selecting the right art for your recipient. It would be much more impressive to receive a specially crafted note from you as the giver about the art. A small message about how this artwork reminds you of your recipient, or even an interesting fact about the work or a short biography of the artist would give your gift an extra punch!

Now that you know how to pick out the right gift, let Louis Leonard Art help you. With a wide range of mediums, artists and budget to select from, you will easily to be able to select the perfect art for your special someone. Purchase with a peace of mind that we only offer quality art works. Don’t hesitate to speak to our customer service team who is more than happy to share with you more information and advice on our products!

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