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High-Quality Canvas Art Prints in New York

Canvas prints are durable, stretchable, and with modern day material engineering, very affordable. Every home décor magazine recommends an art print to light up a room. Louis Leonard Art Gallery has a large collection of art and photo prints for you to choose from.

About New York

The iconic New York city has undergone a fantastic change, from the Gangs of New York era of the city to the current day iconic city know all over the world. New York state also consists of Rhode Island, and Long Island, and shares a border with Quebec, Canada. New York city has been featured in many movies, from the iconic Empire State Building to Trump tower, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and many aspects of New York city are well known even to tourists.

Get High-Quality, Affordable Canvas Art Prints in New York

Remember King Kong climbing the empire state building or in the Avengers movie where New York city was invaded? We have prints of every landmark you can think of and many more. Find also prints of famous New York celebrities like Woody Allen, Christina Aguilera, Judd Apatow, and many more.

Why Choose Louis Leonard Art Gallery?

Louis Leonard Art Gallery supports budding photographers and artists. We only have originals and embellishments from the original artists. We do not sell imitations. Our pricing is set by the artists themselves and together we decide on a discount price, which can be 30 to 70% off. We do not mark up prices like other galleries.

For more information about our canvas art prints, New York residents can contact us by calling 301-768-4579 or sending an email to

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