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Offices are important spaces. They are where every employee spends one third of their day, five days a week. In addition, you will want your office to leave a good first impression on any client who visit. As such, you have to make your office work for you by motivating employees, conveying your desired brand image and impressing clients. That is no small feat! However, with the right choice of artwork, you can achieve all that and more.

About Offices

Although offices are predominantly spaces to work, lots more also take place within an office. For instance, meetings and events such as product launches can mean that clients and customers will enter an office space. The break room is also an integral part of the office, where employees can take some time to refresh themselves and bond with coworkers. The artwork you choose for the various spaces within your office can speak volumes. 

Choosing Art for Offices

One thing is for sure, you cannot afford to have bare white walls in your office. Do you want to come across as another faceless corporation, or incorporate some interesting artwork that conveys your brand image and culture? The decision is a no-brainer. Below are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing office art: 

  • First impressions matter. If you are a multinational company who often receive international clients and employees, how about a cityscape?
  • What is the color of your brand logo? Is there a color associated with your brand? Decking your office out with artwork that features these colors can help to drive home your brand image and company culture.
  • Studies have shown that involved employees are happy ones. When in doubt, get your employees’ input on what kind of artwork they would like to see in the office.

Benefits of Decorating Offices with Art

Work may be a necessity of life, but it does not have to be something you dread day after day. When you decorate your office with suitable pieces of artwork, there are multiple benefits that can be reaped:

  • Motivate employees, making the space feel more personal and less intimidating
  • Create an ambience that encourages productivity and camaraderie between employees
  • Convey your brand image and company culture in a fun and lively way
  • Be in complete control of the first impression clients and customers will get when they step into your office

Why Choose Louis Leonard Art for Office Art?

Are you looking for artwork to decorate your office with? If so, Louis Leonard Art is your one-stop shop. Regardless of your unique needs, requirements and preferences, you will be sure to find something that suits your business amongst our collection of over 3,000+ pieces. Every piece in our collection is professionally hand stretched and gallery wrapped before making its way to you, hence you can be assured that it will reach you in perfect undamaged condition.

If you have any questions about our artwork, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call Louis Leonard Art at 301-768-4579 or email us at

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